Thursday, 16 August 2012

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Run Opera Mini on PC

Opera Mini is the most popular browser in mobile devices. It works faster than the default wap (Wireless Application Protocol) browser. But why we need to run opera mini at desktop pc ? In fact Opera Mini works faster even on slow internet connection speed and usages minimum internet data.  Additionally, Opera Mini runs on all Major Operating Systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. It works at all that systems that support Java. In the given steps, discover in a very easy way about opera mini installation. Please make sure to follow all the steps given below in this post to make easy to surf with slow internet connection speed and cut off your internet charges bill.

How to Install Opera Mini on PC

1. Download and install Java from here (JRE version 6). 
2. Download MicroEmulator . Extract it somewhere, as for me just C:\microemulator-2.0.4 to make it easier.
3. Download Opera Mini 4.4 from here (choose from dropdown list). 
Save both the jar and the jad file. Copy both files to C:\microemulator-2.0.4\apps and makes sure both files are inside the apps folder. As this tutorial were made I have opera-mini-4.4.29476-advanced-en-us.jar with the jad file also.

4. MicroEmulator window will open , Go to file Menu>>Open jad file>>Opera-mini-4.0.10406-advanced-int.jad (Browse in the extracted folder).
5.  Goto Option>>Select device>>click on Add>>browse for 'Device' folder in the extracted folder and select microemu-device-resizable.jar and set as default. 
6.  After that Click on start and enjoy the opera mini with full screen on your desktop Pc.

:) Hope that this will work for you !
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